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Selecting your PHP IDE

We have good IDEs for Java, C# and many other strictly typed languages. For some reason (this reason probably being code analysis and debugging process), IDEs for weakly typed languages are not so popular.
I know many developers who mostly use Notepad like text editors (as Sublime or Notepad++) for their development. Honestly, I am one of them. I even remember one of my web dev teachers in university saying, that real web developer should be able to open notepad and create a website. 
So when I first heard of IDE for PHP, I was quite skeptical. I think the first one I used was VisualStudio based VS.PHP in 2010. And while I was impressed with what it could do, the heavy weightiness of Visual Studio killed all desire to proceed with it. I preffer lightweight text editors. :)
Although I did come back to it, when I was working on a complex word generating package, that required lots of optimization and became so complex, I needed proper debugging capabilities to finish it.
Still from time to time I peak into what current world has to offer, and I stumbled on an awesome article, which lists PHP IDEs and analyzes them by different criteria, as licenses, features, versioning system support, other language support, etc and even provides discount codes if you want to buy them.
So if you are looking for a PHP IDE to use, check it out :)

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