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How to stop bots, antibot practices

The simplest way is to create an input in form, and hide it using CSS. Because no human can see it, so it should be aways empty. Lazy bots that are filling forms, are filling usually all fields, so you can just check if hidden input is filled, then it must be a bot.

A bit more complex, but also more secure way is to create CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). Something that human can easily understand, but bot couldn't. Mostly it can just text in the image, but there are also many other alternatives like telling which is cat or which is dog in images, or ASCII art. 

These alternatives are created because most of captchas can be bypassed.

But the best practice is to send a verification email to email address submitted in form. So user must click on link and verify that he submitted this form. It is much more complex but also much more secure way to stop bots.

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