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Get skype status

Skype is a popular voice communication program that is used by many millions of users worldwide. Many companies all over the world are using skype to provide support for their customers online, so it is necessarily to show skype status of support accounts on companies websites. To do it, you can use this simple function fro retrieving skype status as text, image or small icon from skype API services.


function get_skype_status($username, $image = false, $icon = false ){
    //creating url
    //if you need small icon
    if($image && $icon)
        Possible types of images:
        * balloon            - Balloon style 
        * bigclassic        - Big Classic Style 
        * smallclassic        - Small Classic Style 
        * smallicon        - Small Icon (transparent background) 
        * mediumicon        - Medium Icon 
        * dropdown-white    - Dropdown White Background 
        * dropdown-trans    - Dropdown Transparent Background
        return "".$username;
    //if you need image
    else if($image)
        return "".$username;
    //or just text
        Possible status  values:
         NUM        TEXT                DESCRIPTION
        * 0     UNKNOWN             Not opted in or no data available. 
        * 1     OFFLINE                 The user is Offline 
        * 2     ONLINE                  The user is Online 
        * 3     AWAY                    The user is Away 
        * 4     NOT AVAILABLE       The user is Not Available 
        * 5     DO NOT DISTURB  The user is Do Not Disturb (DND) 
        * 6     INVISIBLE               The user is Invisible or appears Offline 
        * 7     SKYPE ME                The user is in Skype Me mode
        $url = "".$username.".xml";
        //getting contents
        $curl = curl_init();
        curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
        curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
        $data = curl_exec($curl);
        $pattern = '/xml:lang="en">(.*)</';
        preg_match($pattern,$data, $match); 
        return $match[1];   

//getting skype status icon
$ico = get_skype_status("ar2rsawseen", true, true);
echo "<p>Skype icon:</p>";
echo "<p><img src='".$ico."'/></p>";

//getting skype status image
$image = get_skype_status("ar2rsawseen", true);
echo "<p>Skype image:</p>";
echo "<p><img src='".$image."'/></p>";

//getting skype status text
$status = get_skype_status("ar2rsawseen");
echo "<p>Skype status:</p>";
echo "<p>".$status."</p>";


Static example:

Skype icon:

Skype image:

Skype status text:


Other possible images:

Skype bigclassic image:

Skype smallclassic image:

Skype mediumicon:

Skype dropdown-white image:

Skype dropdown-trans image:

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