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Send email from Gmail using PHP


Sometimes it can get pretty complex to configure a mail server. It is more complex to make other mail servers believe that your mailserver is legit and not a spam bot. That is why sometimes, you may want to use some external services to do it, and here is a way to send an email from your Gmail account, using PHP.   I'm using...

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Print google maps or include in PDF


Everyone knows and everybody loves Google Maps. They provide easy interface to enhance your web aplication using maps with different customizations. Al those maps are dynamically generated using Javascript, so what happens when you want to print map or for example include in PDF file? It probably won't appear there, because you can include...

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Get video thumbnail from vimeo


This function uses vimeo API to get information about video (including thumbnail). It takes new or old embed code or url of vimeo video and returns array with information about video. <?php function get_vimeo_thumb($vimeo) { $id = $vimeo; //try new embed code preg_match('/[^?"]*)/is', ...

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Google image API using cURL


There are alot of tutorials on Google Image search API using javascript interface, but what if you want to do it old fashion way, using php and curl? Well here is a way to do it. First you'll need to register for Google Search API key Then you can use this piece of code, just don't forget to input your API...

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Get skype status


Skype is a popular voice communication program that is used by many millions of users worldwide. Many companies all over the world are using skype to provide support for their customers online, so it is necessarily to show skype status of support accounts on companies websites. To do it, you can use this simple function fro retrieving skype...

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Get Twitter account information based on username


Here is a function that uses Twitter API, to get information about Twitter account based on Twitter username. If there is no account with that username, an error will be returned, if Twitter account is protected - empty array will be returned, else array with user information and latest account activities will be returned. Use print_r to...

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Get all guitar chord variations


Here is a function that can get all guitar chord variations using chord name. It uses API, which can give chord information based on chord names, modifications like major, minor, etc, or any string and fret combination. This function takes chord name as a parameter, you can specify chord modification - minor,...

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Get list of episodes from IMDB


Here is the piece of code that will get a list of episodes for TV series from this unofficial IMDB API. This function takes TV series name as a parameter and you may also specify year, if there are more TV series with same name. It returns an array with all episodes of specified TV series structured by seasons: <?php //name - title of...

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Generate QR code with meta data


Here is a simple function to generate Quick Response codes with simple meta data like text, phone number, email or URL. This function takes 5 parameters: data to encode, type of meta, data to use(TXT for text, EMAIL for email, TEL for phone number and URL for a website link ), size of image in pixels, error correction level,...

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Get movie information from IMDB


This function uses IMDB API, which parses IMDB files and is updated frequently. It can retrieve array with information about movie taking movie title as parameter: <?php function get_movie_information($name) { $url = "".urlencode($name); // send...

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Google maps API example code


Here is the example code for using Google maps API. You can to get API key for your domain here: Then you can modify code to add functionality with PHP like save locations and map settings to database, etc. <!--Insert your API key instead of text YourAPIkeyHERE--> <script...

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Suggest your content to other sites


This is not exactly API related thing, just a function that allows to create your content suggestions to other sites like twitter, google buzz and facebook. Of course by modifying you can add more sites. It is also recommended to use url shortening service, because sites like twitter has limited symbols. So code for...

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Get book title based on ISBN


Here is a function to get book title and author based on book's ISBN number. To use this function you will have to register here: to get your API key. After that you can use this function to ge xml data about the book: <?php //fucntion to get book title and author based on ISBN number function...

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Get your unread GMail emails


It is not actually API, it's just retrieving atom feed of your unread emails. You can then modify this function to parse feed to match your needs: <?php //fucntion to get unread emails taking username and password as parametes function check_email($username, $password) { //url to connect to $url =...

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Check if keyword has any result using Google AJAX API


This is function to check if there are any google search results on the given keyword. You only need to modify it to insert your google API key. <?php function check_result($keyword) { //your google API key $key = ""; $url = "". "web?v=1.0&q=".$keyword. ...

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There is a website that allows you to shorten you links. To do it, you can use this function: <?php function get_url($url) { //checking if curl is available if(in_array ('curl', get_loaded_extensions())) { $ch = curl_init(); $timeout = 5; ...

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