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Animated favicon using canvas


Canvicon class provides a way to animate your website's favicon using canvas. You can dynamically draw on canvas and update your favicon. It should work in all modern browsers except IE. Package contains canvicon.js, canvicon.packed.js (packed javascript), canvicon.jquery.js (jquery plugin), and three example files: simple_example.html,...

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Blur effect


Blur effect class provides a blur effect on HTML elements. It is possible to blur text, surrounding box or both. It is also possible to blur images using SVG filters. Thus this might not work in all Safari versions This class ir provided as a standalone package or jquery plugin Package contains blur_effect.js, blur_effect.packed.js...

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Water drop effect


Water Drop class provides a water drop effect on HTML elements as a standalone package or jquery plugin. It is possible to configure, speed, color, field and toggle animations as fading and expanding Package contains waterDrop.js, waterDrop.packed.js (packed javascript), waterDrop.jquery.js (jquery plugin) and three example files:...

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Javascript glint effect


Glint effect class is a standalone package or jquery plugin, that provides a way to add glint effect to HTML elements. It appends canvas to provided HTML element and generates glint effect based on provided configuration Note: To make it work in IE9, you should use HMTL 5 Doctype. Simply put "<!DOCTYPE html>" in the beginning in your...

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Canvas Turtle graphics using javascript


Canvas Turtle class provides LOGO Turtle Grpahics Javascript API and LOGO Turtle Grpahic language interpreter for drawing objects in Canvas Turtle grpahic is a way to draw objects from perspective of a turtle. We are moving turtle and it leaves lines behind which form drawing. Turtle Graphic for LOGO provides an easy way to draw...

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Display pop under advertisments using javascript


Pop under class allows you to implement pop under advertising to your website. You can customize probability of ads to appear, time for how long to show advertisement. It is possible to add multiple advertisments, each advertisment will have same probability of appearing in pop under. There is also an option to mark users who saw...

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Emulate events on canvas objects


Canvas Events class extends canvas object to help to attach mouse events to different shapes with minimal javascript code modifications It supports all native canvas context methods. The way it works: canvas context methods that perform actual drawing (stroke, fill, strokeRect, fillRect, drawImage) return a shape object to which you can...

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Generate charts using HTML5 canvas


Easy Chart class helps to generate charts using HTML5 canvas You can generate 5 chart types: line, scatter, columns, bars and pie. It is also possible to provide hover and click events to to generate chart data. Charts are generate from user provided data and are automatically scaled to users provided dimensions Package contains...

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Highlight words in website using javascript


Highlighter class can be used emphasize, highlight specific words or word combinations in website. It is possible to provide HTML element in which to wrap found words or word combinations. It is also possible to provide attributes and css styles for these attributes as well as three callback functions for click, mouseover and mouseout...

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Updating multi format javascript countdown


Countdown class displays (and updates) time left provided by user. Time can be provided in any time units, and they will be recalculated to specified time units. It is possible to specify which units or text will appear in countdown and which text must be hidden if certain unit reaches 0 - using format string. Fromat string also accepts HTML...

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Collect feedback using Google Analytic


Feedback Easy class can provide website visitors with option to rate website and/or leave small comment. Ratings and comments are saved as google analytic events and can be viewed in according section of Google Analytics. Events are updated once in 24 hours. This object also sets custom variable, which marks visitor and prohibits from...

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Multiple key combinations using javascript


Keyboard Shortcut class can be used to bind functions to custom key combinations. It is also possible to provide interval for callback function to be recalled (until releasing key combination), if key combination was pressed and held. Package contains kb_shortcut.js and kb_shortcut.packed.js (packed javascript)and 3 example files:...

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Generate QR codes using javascript


QR code class can be used to generate QR Code images using Google Chart API. Currently the class can request the generation of QR codes for information snippets of types: bookmark, text, SMS message, phone number, contact information, e-mail message, geo-location, WIFI access.ContentsDownloadExample codesExamples in actionMethod listLatest...

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Display skype status image on your website


Skype status class can display your skype status as skype image on your website and update it automatically using specified update interval. This class also provides option to use skype functions on displayed status image, like call, chat, add to contacts, show profile, send voicemail or file. It is also possible to provide multiple...

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Sliding effect between anchor hash link


Anchor slider class provides scrolling and sliding effects when switching between anchor hash links. It can find target by id or name attributes and slide or scroll towards target. By default target scrolls as close as possible towards 0 0 coordinates (top left corner), but it is possible to provide x and/or y offset from target element, then...

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Manage SharedObjects using Javascript


FCookie class can manage SharedObjects (aka Flash cookies) using swf file provided in package. It can set SharedObjects with different domain and namespace settings, retrieve saved values (preserving data types) and delete SharedObjects. SharedObjects are similar to Cookies, only used by flash applications. They can not be deleted like...

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Styling any form input


Form styler class can be used to style form inputs using images. It is possible to use separate images or image sprites for each input. You can style single input element or all element types (for example textbox) inside provided container. It also copies all input defined style attributes and classes (but not ID defined styles) This class...

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Create moving panorama effect


Panorama class helps users to create moving panorama view effect. It is possible to add multiple layers and objects and provide moving speed for every layer and object.Movement or rotation of panorama is based on cursor position in mouse move event. Package contains panorama.js and panorama.packed.js (packed javascript) and two example...

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On screen Keyboard


Keyboard class creates an onscreen keyboard for websites. It emulates normal keyboard behavior by providing functions like Tab, Capslock, Shift, Enter, Backspace, AltGr, Home and End, and it can manipulate data in textareas and input fields with text or password type. Keyboard outlook is adjustable and users can be allowed to change size and...

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Content sliding effect


Content slider class provides sliding effect for switching between different pages or contents. It can bind content elements to provided menu or allow visitors to change content using throwing (dragging and dropping) method. Content sliding speed and sliding directions and center of content elements are customizable Package contains...

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