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Since Opera moved to Chrome engine, lot's of Opera features have been dropped, because they are not implemented in Chrome engine. Some of them will be implemented later on, but some of them has been dropped for ever.

One of this features, which in my eyes made Opera stand out from any other browser was Opera Notes. And unfortunately, it is also one of the features that has been dropped for ever. 


History First

The explanation is simple, there are now extensions made for it. But for now I have not seen an extension that simple, yet so elegant and usable.

So while lot's of Opera users were ranting about Opera and its transfer to Chrome. I thought, I'll code it myself.

I could also try to make it an extension, but this time I wanted it to be more browser independent, and HTML5 features helped me a lot with it. As using local storage for saving notes data, and using new drag and drop api saved lots and lots of my time.

Basically I finished current version in two weekends. Which I can estimate as about 18 hours of work and it completely suits my current needs (already imported my old notes and using them), but most probably will add couple of more features later.

Additional features

I tried to mimic the behavior of original Notes as much as possible, but I could not help myself, not implementing some features, I always deemed were missing when using original notes.

  • Works in any modern browser
  • Implemented button for printing notes
  • Implemented ability to easily change font type and size
  • Now you can use Tab in Notes (it was very frustrating without it)
  • Import and Export notes (since all information is stored locally, you are responsible for preserving your notes)

What more to expect?

Couple of features I'm thinking of adding are:

  • Make it mobile friendly, currently nor design is mobile friendly, and I think even some functionality might not work
  • I will definitely want to sync my notes between devices, so most probably will try to create a backend for it later

Ok, great, how can I use it

You can either download the code and use it locally on your computer, or simply go to and freely use it there.

You can also download code on Github.

Or download code on JSClasses.

Importing old notes

When you upgrade to newer Opera (version 15+), it will automatically generate html file with your notes exported.

What you need to do to import them, is open that html file in text editor and copy the JSON part of the notes, usually starting with JSON = [ and ending with ]; .

Copy the contents into Importing window of WebNotes and press import, you should be ready to go. ;)

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