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Control Smart TV from browser

JSTVRemote - Control Smart TV from browser

On one project that I'm working on called MyM, there was a need to manipulate API of different TVs, so I decided to match them under one interface and create a library that would allow me to control and experiment with these smart TVs through browser.

You can check a quick example here and test if you have a compatible Smart TV.

This library allows you to develop web apps to control your Smart TVs.

Support of features depends on your TV, but it can send remote control keys to your TV, input text or control mouse cursor.

Current TVs supported are:

  • Philips with JointSpace APIs
  • LG with WebOS
  • LG with NetCast

Get it Now

You can get the lib from:



    var tv = JSTVRemote.init(tv, ip, port, callback);

providing tv as values like "philips", "lg_netcast", "lg_webos" or directly initializing

    var tv = new JSTVRemote.Philips(ip, port, callback);
    var tv = new JSTVRemote.LGNetCast(ip, port, callback);
    var tv = new JSTVRemote.LGWebOS(ip, port, callback);

Feature query

Each tv instance can have different features.

    var features = tv.getFeatures(); 

returns features that API supports

    var keys = tv.getKeys(); 

returns keys that API supports sending as TV remote control

Sending key as remote control

    tv.sendKey(key, callback);

Input text

    tv.inputText(text, callback);

Mouse move

    tv.mouseMove(dx, dy, drag, callback);

Mouse click;


    tv.scroll(dx, dy, callback);

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