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Imagine situation where you have a webstie and a corresponding app. Sometimes you would like to provide a link from your website to specific section of your app. Using custom url scheme and deeplinking you will be able to achieve that. Only problem is, if user will not have your app, your custom url will error, potentially losing your...

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Control Smart TV from browser


JSTVRemote - Control Smart TV from browser On one project that I'm working on called MyM, there was a need to manipulate API of different TVs, so I decided to match them under one interface and create a library that would allow me to control and experiment with these smart TVs through browser. You can check a quick example here and test if...

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Create avatar from user initials


Initial Avatar creates avatars for users from user initials. It creates a hash from the user's name and generates a background color based on it. Then it gets a complimentary color for the text, and calculates text size and position based on the font and length of initials. This package can output binary image data, or apply image to existing...

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Since Opera moved to Chrome engine, lot's of Opera features have been dropped, because they are not implemented in Chrome engine. Some of them will be implemented later on, but some of them has been dropped for ever. One of this features, which in my eyes made Opera stand out from any other browser was Opera Notes. And unfortunately, it...

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Hack terminals in Fallout 3


Code Breaker class helps you to hack terminals in Fallout 3, by suggesting which words better to choose. Basically in Fallout 3 game, when hacking terminals, you need to guess the correct password. There are set of words given, and by selecting a word as input, you will receive the ammount of correct letters in the provided word as...

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Harlem shake HTML elements


HarlemShake class brings popular meme to your website. It allows you to shake HTML elements using CSS keyframe animations in Harlem Shake style, providing up to 9 different shake styles Package contains harlemshake.js, harlemshake.packed.js (packed javascript), harlemshakes.css (with animation definitions) and example file: example.html to...

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Detect mobile device or browser and act accordingly


MobileDetect class detects if current visitors uses a mobile device to access the page. Additionally it tries to detect device/browser type and helps you act accordingly. Package contains MobileDetect.js and MobileDetect.packed.js (packed javascript)and two example files: simple_example.html and example.html to demonstrate class...

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Animated page transitions


Page transition class provides a way to define animated transitions between switching webpages. Definition of transition consists of defining 3 types of parameter values: for default page, for transitions start before going to other link and for transitions end, when new page was loaded. There are also 24 predefined transitions included in...

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Manipulate layers to create X ray effect


xLayers class provides a way to manipulate multiple layers one on another to create interesting effects as x-rays, peeling, etc. It also provides a mouse interaction for resizing/moving layers with available restrictions to which layers can be modified and which actions can be performed This class also provides basic animation for resizing...

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Javascript Spotlight visual cue


Spotlight class provides a way to create a spotlight like visual cue to concentrate visitors attention to specific webpage elements or actions Package contains spotlight.js, spotlight.packed.js (packed javascript), and three example files: example.html, mouse_example.html and animation_example.html to demonstrate class...

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Drawing on websites


White board class provides a way to draw on website. It is possible to set width and color of drawing line. Main reason for this package is to save some notes on different pages of website, or share drawings with others using import/export function, for example, with webdesigners, to direct them to flaws, bugs or changes in...

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Apply physics to HTML elements


Gravity is a box2dweb wrapper for HTML elements. It provides a way to apply physics to HTML elements, define gravity, handle collisions, apply different parameters as friction, restitution, density and even drag physical HTML element bodies. Package contains gravity.js, gravity.packed.js (packed javascript) and three example files:...

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Javascript gesture recognition


Gestures class provides a way to define and detect gestures. You can define your own gestures, by providing array of points, that defines shape and provide callback function for each shape. It is also possible to detect gestures from provided array of points. Additionally this class can automatically track touch inputs to gather collection...

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Javascript lightning effect


Lightning class draws a randomly generated lightning with glow effect effect on html page from x and y coordinates, to other x and y coordinates. Package contains lightning.js, lightning.packed.js (packed javascript), three example files: simple_example.html (simple lightning), mouse_example.html (lightning strikes at mouse coordinates),...

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The most annoying javascript object


Annoyer class creates an HTML element which is annoyingly moving across the users screen. Even when user scrolls, object moves to visible area. Object tries to find only top of elements. It is also possible to provide callbacks for different events, for example, to change picture in object, or change object's position on hover, etc....

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CSS3 Isoworld


Isoworld class provides a way to create an illusion of isometric view for a website, by transforming provided HTML elements. It can create ground and infinite amount of isometric cubes. This class is best viewed by Chrome, other browsers might have slower animations and displacement of elements Package contains isoworld.js,...

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Input for selecting images with preview


Image Selector class creates an image selector input with image preview based on select element. Images can be changed using select element itself or by clicking on image. Additionally this class provides API to select first, last, next or previous images or an image with specific index. It also can regenerate preview images for dynamical input...

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Calculate transformation matrix


Tmatrix class generates transformation matrix from provided transformations. It can return matrix object, apply absolute or relative transformation to canvas context, return CSS matrix filter string for IE browsers or apply crossbrowser transformation to HTML element. Package contains tmatrix.js, tmatrix.packed.js (packed javascript) and...

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Expand textareas to fit content


Texpand class provides a way to expand textareas to fit it's contents. It is possible to provide minimal or maximal values to restrict possible textarea dimensions Package contains texpand.js, texpand.packed.js (packed javascript) and three example files: simple_example.html, customized.html, and max_dimensions.html to demonstrate class...

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Light source for CSS3 shadows


Light source class provides a way to define light source position and emulate text and box shadows according to provided position of light source. It is also possible to toggle light source. Right now this effect is unsupported in IE all versions. Package contains light_source.js, light_source.packed.js (packed javascript), three example...

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