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ShareThis - Sharing Widget


There are so many social channels, that its hard to keep up to date with them. Everytime something changes, you need to change it in your website. That's why most of us use only popular social channels like twitter, facebook etc. But doing that you might be missing on a lot of targeted traffic. ShareThis widget allows you to provide...

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Add Google +1 to your website


Google offers new way to indirectly affect your website search results. It's called +1, where bassically people suggest your content, like many others content sharing features, only now your "Google" friends will know, you suggested it and suggested website will have better chances of appearing in their Google seach...

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Javascript snow for your website to create Christmas atmosphere


Here is a nice javascript Snow to add Christmas atmosphere to your website. You can manage snow flake graphic, speed, amplitude etc. Easy to implement and it looks really nice. You can download latest version from JavaScript Display snow flakes falling on the Web page An here is how to implement it to your website: <script...

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Awesome jQuery Tooltip plugin


Here is one awesome jQuery tooltip plugin. It's awesome, not only because it looks cool and works great, it is also fully customizable. For more information about plugin go to You can customize tooltip outlook using css, customize it's effect and position using javascript, and you can attach them to any combination...

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Mysql access wrapper for Flash ActionScript 3 using PHP


Since flash doesn't have it's own way to connect to database, web developers usually use PHP for that purpose. Then there are many ways how to pass data to flash using XML etc. But all code snippets and tutorials I've found on the Internet are usually not multi functional and serve only for one purpose to insert data, or select...

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Implementing RDF and Sparql using ARC solution


There aren't many good solutions for RDF and Sparql implementation using PHP. ARC by Semsol is one of the best I've seen for now. So what can you do with it? First thing you can add many RDF structures into one database and then browse them using SPARQL query language. Then you can create SPARQL endpoint and allow others to browse...

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Random banner rotation in ptcevolution script


Here is a way to implement random banner rotation to show multiple random banners on same page. This script works for  PTC Evolution Version 1.1.0 script. Didn't test it on other versions. For more information about script visit PTC Evolution website. So what you'll need to do is to create banners.php file in your root...

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Form validation PHP and Javascript


There are two very similar in use validation classes, the difference is that one is for javascript: and other is for PHP: So why to use both PHP and javascript validations? Javascript has...

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AJAX suggestion script like in google


Recently I came across one great script that allows you to create suggestions from your database to the user input. More about it here: We will use this script to implement into form where input fields are dynamically created (user can add more input fields). So to use this script you...

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XSPF web mp3 music player


There is one simple mp3 music player that supports xspf playlists, which can be found here: We will modify it, so our songs stay secure and can't be downloaded and also change the text color of player and implement it in website. To keep songs save there are 2 things to be aware...

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Lightbox - overlay picture for image galleries


Most popular script for web galleries is Lightbox, it overlays image over the page, thus expanding it for full size view and gives control to move to next or previous picture or close the overlaid picture. And it has an easiest set up. There are to ways to use it: with Prototype Framework and Scriptaculous Effects...

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CKEditor and CKFinder


There is one good combination for every CMS. One allows you to input and edit site content in very user friendly way without HTMl knowledge: And the other allows you to manage your files on server: But when you combine them together, you get a tool to manage your site content and add/edit...

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Uploadify with album select


One of the best uploading scripts that I've found is uploadify, which you can get here : It allows you to select and upload multiple files. We will use this script with select box to choose to which album to upload photos. We will use uploadify onSelect event to get selected index of drop down box and...

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Javascript tree view


There is one cool javascript tree view script, that is called dtree. You can find it here: It allows you to create tree view categories like this:  We will implement this into form, so we can submit ID of chosen category, and we will also update tree using jQuery AJAX request. So...

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One of the best php chats - phpFreeChat


phpFreeChat is one of the best, because of it's customization options and easy integration with site authentication. You can download it here:  The version I used is 1.2 and it has automatic installation PHP file, which I recommend to use. After installation to use this chat with your site...

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